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Welcome to Frida Restaurant & Bar

Frida Restaurant and Bar aspires to transform and elevate the Mexican food culture in Toronto. Motivated by the authentic spirit of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Frida Restaurant and Bar modernizes Mexican food in a fresh, relaxed and contemporary setting.

Frida Kahlo speaks the truth in her paintings. Her rawness inspired our native Mexican Chef to draw from his roots and give to the people the essence of the Mexico he knows.

Please join us at our restaurant to enjoy refined Mexican food unlike anything you have tried in Toronto. Have a seat at the bar and choose from a delicious array of margaritas, martinis, sangrias and more. Plus we offer an extensive list of fine “anejo” or “reposado” tequilas for sipping pleasure.

For further information on Frida Restaurant and Bar and to make reservations please call 416-787-2221.

Address, Contact and Accessibility

Address: 999 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto , Ontario
M6C 2C7
Phone: 416-787-2221


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“Ceviche of the Day” market price
Chef’s choice of market fresh fish

Grilled Vegetable Salad $11
Grilled Green and Red Peppers, Onion, & Eggplant in Balsamic and Goat cheese crumble

Fresco, Tomato and Coriander Salad $9
Chilli oil Marinated Fresco cheese, Sliced Roma and Coriander salad

Tuna & Avocado Salad $13
Yellow fin tuna, sliced avocado, chilli oil and greens

Shrimp & Cod “Vuelve a la Vida” Ceviche $11
Tiger shrimp, sliced cod, tomato juice, Tabasco and peppers



Tres Generaciones $9
Clase Azul Plata $16
Patron $10


Cabo Wabo $9
Clase Azul Reposado $18
Olmeca $7


Tres Generaciones $14
Don Julio 1942 $16
Herradura $12


SINAI Reposado $7

Tiacuache Silver $9
100% organic



Guacamole $11
Ripened to perfection avocados, red onions, tomatillos, cilantro and corn tortillas

Duck Carnitas (Mini Tacos) 3-piece $9 / 5-piece $15
Topped with pico de gallo, guacamole and frissee salad

Sopa de Tortilla Azteca cup $7/ bowl $11
Avocado, tomato, cotija cheese and pasilla peppers in a tomato-tortilla broth with tortilla strips

Chile Relleno Poblano $12
Stuffed poblano pepper with Oaxaca cheese in a whipped egg white batter and drowned ina tomato-epazote sauce with house sour cream served on rice

Pollo Pibil $18
Slowly roasted chicken in achiote and citrus with red encurtida onions on bed of rice with seasonal vegetables


Arroz con Leche $7
Mexican rice pudding, with rum spiced raisins and powdered cinnamon

Churros $7
Filled with goat milk caramel, blueberry coulis and berries

Pastel de queso y Kahlua $7
Walnut and graham crust, Kahlua cheesecake with berries and coulis



Crisp Lamb Taco Bites $3.5 ea
Braised lamb “Texcoco” Style, coriander and chopped onion

Rib Eye Taco $16
Marinated and grilled to roder, with Oaxaca cheese, fresh coriander and onion

“Baked” Pastor $14
Slowly marinated with braised in achiote and spices, garnished with grilled pineapple

Lamb Barbacoa $15
Braised lamb, lime wedge, coriander and onion

Cabrito en Salsa Verde $15
Braised goat in salsa verde, coriander and onion

Tinga Poblana con Crema $12
Caramelized onion in chipotle with roasted tomato, sour cream and coriander


Fresh Salsa of the Day and Chips $4

Quesadilla de Rajas con Queso $8
Charred poblano, shredded Oaxaca and refried beans.

Tamales Verdes $11
Caramelized onions, chipotle and salsa verde

Flautas de Pimientos $9
Red and green pepper crispy tacos with house soured cream, tomato-arbol salsa and iceberg

Empanada del Dia market price
Daily empanada offering

Sopa de Frijol cup $6/ bowl $11
D.F. style bean soup, homemade sour cream and cotija cheese crumble

Charred Poblano and Potato Soup cup $6/ bowl $11
Gently cooked potato in onion and spices and studded with charred poblano and fresco croutons



Red Snapper al Ajo $14
Gently cooked in garlic, olive oil and butter served with white rice

Pescado Tikin Xic $13
Baked fish in achiote in a banana leaf and topped with roasted tomato

Camarones “A la Diabla” $11
Three grilled jumbo shrimp and finished in a roasted tomato chipotie sauce

Grilled Whole Fish $21
Grilled stripe bass, with a pan seared cherry tomato w/olive oil salad

Grilled Calamari $13
Gently grilled and served with a spinach, tomatoes and olive salsa


Enmoladas de Mole Poblano $17
Chicken rolled in tortillas, basted in homemade mole poblano sauce, pickled onions, cotija cheese, and corn

Braised Lamb Shank $21
In roasted tomato & mortia sauce with coriander, onion and fresco cheese crumbled served with rice

Mole Negro Oaxaqueno $18
Homemade mole negro over chicken breast, rice & beans

Rib & Belly $15
Slowly braised pork rib and belly, served with a roasted tomatillo and pasilla salsa, refrito beans and chili oil

Lengua en Salsa Verde $12
Tender beef tongue, slowly cooked in salsa verde, onion, coriander and chopped tomatoes

Chorizo con Queso $11
Baked homemade chorizo, Oaxaca cheese with salsa flour tortillas


Huevos Rancheors
Corn tortillas topped with eggs sunny side, ranchero salsa, cotija cheese & refrito beans $12

Huevos Ahogados
Scrambled eggs served in a soup bowl with salsa verde, house soured cream and refrito beans $13

Enchiladas Rojas
Braised hanger steak in salsa roja con pasilla, cotija cheese, chopped onions and salad $14

Enchiladas Verdes
Shredded chicken breast, basted in salsa verde, chopped onions, house soured cream & side refrito beans $13

2 eggs any style, roasted potatoes, bacon or chorizo, wheat or white bread, served with coffee/tea $10

Basted homemade nacho chips in salsa verde, chopped onions, house soured cream, coriander, topped with 2 eggs sunny side & side refrito beans $10
Add chicken $3
Add 6 oz striploin steak $6

Served with refrito beans or house salad

Charred poblano rajas, Oaxaca cheese $10

Chorizo con Queso
Double smoked chorizo sausage, aged cheddar; onions & peppers

Frida y Diego
Green & red peppers, aged cheddar, basted with salsa verde on one side and salsa roja on the other side $12



Guacamole & homemade nacho chips $10

Quesadilla Platters
Griddled flour tortillas, Oaxaca cheese, refrito spread & choice of salsa of the day $10
Add Fajita style sweet peppers, onions $2
Shredded chicken breast $2
Striploin Steak $6

Mini Tostadas de Pollo
Shredded chicken breast, cotija cheese, refrito beans, pico de gallo and house soured cream $11

Enchiladas de Barbacoa
Gently braided lamb, “Borracha” style sauce, cotija cheese, coriander and onion $13

Papadzules Yucatecos
Crumbled poached eggs, wrapped in corn tortilla with Yucatecan tomato sauce, pumpkin seed pipian and green pumpkin seed oil $13


Served with refrito beans or house salad

Tacos de Barbacoa
gently braised lamb, “Borracha” style sauce, coriander & onion, with choice salsa $9

Tacos de Carne
Quickly barbequed AAA striploin steak & onion, with choice salsa $11/13

Tacos de Pollo
Shredded chicken breast marinated with arbol chile oil & shredded iceberg, with choice salsa $9

Tacos de Pollo Pibil
Shredded chicken breast in soft tortillas basted with pibil sauce and topped with cebollas encurtida $12

Frida’s Burger
Hand patted 8 oz beef burger, sliced pineapple, aged cheddar “algratin”, tomato, onion, lettuce and pasilla mayo $12


Refrito Beans $4
Smoked Bacon $3
Eggs any style $2
Chorizo Sausage $6
Charro Beans $3
Salsa – heat to your liking $2