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Note: If you need to come back at a future date to complete your Menu, if you have cookies enabled your data will be saved and you can continue where you left off, also in order to clear your current form you’ll need to continue to Paypal and cancel your transaction at their end.

It should also be noted that you need a PayPal account to complete this form, if you dont have one or do not wish to create one then contact us and we’ll make other arrangements.

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  • Use this form to create and maintain your Own Accessible Menu.

    This form consists of 3 parts:

    Fill in the information of your Business/Establishment
    Create your Menu the way you want it structured, see a live example at Sample Menu(opens in new browser window)
    Create your Account and make your Payment of $150.00 for a 1 year subscription membership.

    While this form will help you to create a Menu that is also Mobile friendly to devices such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Opera, it lacks some of the functionality of a Custom built one by aMenu, however, it is still Accessible and offers all other options as the Custom one such as different viewing options and "Get Directions" from Google just so long as formatting guidelines are followed when filling out certain sections(we've got tips where applicable).

    Your Menu will also be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly, for a test go to Google and type in combinations of "Boston Pizza Menu", "Swiss Chalet Restaurant Menu" and see how they rank on the first page.

    aMenu has tried to anticipate any problems/questions that may arise when filling this out but if you do have any drop us a line at or call 705-374-4142.

    We've made this form as simple as possible but if after you have completed it and remembered something you forgot to add, no worries, you can Edit it in the Members Area once PayPal has completed your transaction. Note: Your Menu is live once the transaction is complete.

    Your payment is good for one year, if after that time period is up and you dont want to renew, just cancel and your menu will be removed or you can simply delete your Menu from the Members Dashboard.

    If you are interested in creating and managing your own Menu, then....