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Address, Contact and Accessibility for Harvey’s

Head Office

Address: 199 Four Valley Drive
Vaughan, On

L4K 0B8
Phone: (905) 760-2244
Url: www.harveys.ca

Accessibility: n/a

Background for Harvey’s

Harvey’s was co-founded by George B. Sukornyk and Rick Mauran in early 1959 as equal shareholders. Mauren originally thought to call the chain Humphrey’s,riffing off of the down-home friendliness connoted by the Henry’s Hamburgers chain that was already successful in the United States.

As he was preparing to open the first restaurant in the summer of 1959, he saw an item in the Toronto Telegram indicating that the John Harvey Motors car dealership in the city was closing, and the sign — which simply designated it Harvey’s — was available. Mauran obtained the sign and posted it outside his flagship store.

The first Harvey’s location was opened on April 1, 1959, at the southeast corner of Yonge Street and Observatory Lane in Richmond Hill, Ontario, on a 10-acre (40,000 m2) parcel of land purchased from the owner of a bankrupt Dairy Queen.

The location was initially expected to be seasonal, based on the precedent of the local Dairy Queen location, but it was successful enough to remain open year-round.

The first franchised location was on company-owned property on Avenue Road. Subsequently, land was purchased for additional locations to be developed and franchised on The Queensway West in Toronto, Barton Street in Hamilton, and Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto, just before Warden.

The 238 Bloor Street West location, opposite Varsity Arena, was opened as a company-owned and operated location. It was sold by Cara in early 2006 to One Bedford, a condo project. Beginning in 1963, Harvey’s purchased 39 parcels of land in Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo and Winnipeg with the exception of one leased property. Sukornyk insisted, where possible, that all property be company-owned in order to provide equity and stability to the company’s balance sheet.

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