Pizza Hut(Canada) Accessible Menu


Yum! Restaurants International – Canada is wholly owned subsidiary of Yum! Brands and has over 1,000 restaurants (Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell) across Canada. Pizza Hut Canada has over 300 units from coast to coast, with two distinct restaurant builds to service dine-in and delivery channels.*

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Address, Contact and Accessibility

Address: 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln
Louisville , Alberta
Phone: 1-502-874-8300

Accessibility: large print, braille, wheelchair

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Local deals will vary by store.
Online Only

Get a different pizza of the day any day of the week. Just $10 when you order online.

Stuffed Crust Bundle with FREE Cinnaparts

Large 2-topping Stuffed Crust pizza, 8 Boneless Bites and a FREE Cinnaparts.

$24.99 Dinner Box Online Deal

$24.99 (2 top Panilicious, Tuscani pasta, choice of large breadsticks, 8 boneless bites or Hershey’s Dunkers)

Large Favourites Deal $14.99 Online Deal

Large Favourites Deal (Choose from: Hawaiian, Canadian or Triple Crown Only) $14.99.

$14.99 Dinner Box Online Deal

$14.99 Dinner Box (2 topping PANalicious, regular breadsticks & your choice of 5 boneless bites or cinnaparts)

Game Day Meal $32.99 Online Deal

Game Day includes: 2 medium recipe pizzas, 2 dips, 14 boneless bites & 2 L Pepsi for $32.99

Make it a Meal for $8.99 Online Deal

Make it a Meal with 8 Boneless Bites + 2 L Pepsi for $8.99. Minimum $10 additional purchase for deal to apply.

Boneless Bites Meal for $19.99 Online Deal

Boneless Bites Meal (22 Boneless Bites and Large Fries at $19.99), Online Deal.


This Pizza is so big that it never ends.

Create Your Own Pizza

Create your ideal Pizza

Meat Lover's®

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mild sausage, beef topping, ham, bacon crumble and pizza mozzarella.

Pepperoni Lover's®

Double pepperoni and extra pizza mozzarella.

Supreme Lover's®

Pepperoni, mild sausage, beef topping, green pepper, mushrooms, red onion and pizza mozzarella.

Super Supreme

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, mild sausage, beef topping, ham, green pepper, mushrooms, red onion, olives and pizza mozzarella.

Triple Crown®

Pepperoni, mushrooms, crisp green peppers and crowned with 100% Pizza Mozzarella.


The amazing and classic combination of Ham and Pineapple on a base of your choice with extra pizza mozzarella.

Chicken Caesar

Hail Caesar! The classic salad inspired this pizza with grilled chicken, bacon, roasted garlic, creamy Alfredo sauce and 100% Pizza Mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Cheese Lover's®

Extra pizza mozzarella and two of your favourite toppings.

Chicken Lover's

Grilled chicken breast, green pepper, red onion, mushrooms and pizza mozzarella.

Veggie Lover's®

Mushrooms, green pepper, red onion, ripe tomato and pizza mozzarella.

Smokey Maple Bacon

Creamy Alfredo Sauce, maple bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon crumble, sliced mushroom, shredded cheddar and pizza mozzarella.

Creamy Butter Chicken

Creamy Butter Chicken Sauce, grilled chicken strips, roasted red pepper, red onion and pizza mozzarella.

Cheesy Poutine

Beef gravy, golden fries, cheese curds and pizza mozzarella.

BBQ Chicken

Ultimate BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, grilled chicken strips, red onion, and green peppers


Pepperoni, bacon crumble, mushrooms and pizza mozzarella.


Deliciously Easy

Creamy Chicken Alfredo

Sliced grilled chicken breast tossed with rotini in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Includes fresh breadsticks!

Meaty Marinara

Italian-seasoned meat sauce and rotini pasta topped with pizza mozzarella and freshly baked. Includes fresh breadsticks!

Mediterranean Con Pollo

Sliced grilled chicken breast, roasted red pepper, feta cheese, black olives, red onion, green pepper & pizza mozzarella with whole grain rotini & baked in pesto & marinara sauce.

Mediterranean Vegetable

Roasted red pepper, feta cheese, black olives, red onion, green pepper and pizza mozzarella tossed with whole grain rotini and oven-baked in pesto and marinara sauce.

Bacon Mac 'n Cheese

Oven-baked rotini in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce topped with bacon and pizza mozzarella. Includes fresh breadsticks!


WingStreet® Wings with zing.

Traditional Wings

Classic plump and juicy chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce.

Boneless Bites

Crispy, breaded, 100% white meat chicken breast pieces tossed in your choice of sauce.

Breaded Bone-in Wings

Crispy breaded chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce.

BBQ Traditional Wings

Classic plump and juicy chicken baked wings.

Hot Traditional Wings

Classic plump and juicy chicken baked wings.


The best accompaniment to any pizza


Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Served with marinara dipping sauce. Try an order with cheese.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Add even more flavour to your Caesar salad by topping it with tender grilled seasoned chicken breast

Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, topped with crisp bacon, croutons, 100% parmesan cheese and a twist of lemon, all served with our creamy Caesar dressing.

Garlic Bread

Thick slices of toasted bread brushed with garlic spread. Try an order with cheese.


Crispy potato deep fried until golden yellow in colour.


Add even more great taste with our delicious sauces. Available in 6 amazing varieties


Refreshment to any order

The bold, robust, effervescently magic cola.

Diet Pepsi®
Light. Crisp. Refreshing. With zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs.

The crisp, clean taste of 7UP delivers more of the natural lemon-lime flavor you love. With no caffeine and 100% natural flavors, 7UP is always refreshing.

Schweppes Gingerale®
Schweppes Ginger Ale has an authentic and real ginger taste that is always clean, crisp and refreshing. Since 1783.

Dr. Pepper®
Dr Pepper is always original. A signature blend of 23 flavors makes every sip of Dr Pepper truly unique. There’s nothing like a Dr Pepper.

Mountain Dew®
The original, the one that started it all. Mountain Dew exhilarates and quenches with its one of a kind citrus taste.

Mug® Root Beer
Mug® Root Beer : The one and only Mug Root Beer

Brisk® Lemon Iced Tea
Brisk®; bold refreshing iced tea.

Aquafina® Water

Drinks are available in different sizes.

Bottled Juice
Drinks are available in different sizes.


The Mighty P'Zone®. One size fits all.

Pepperoni P'Zone

Classic dough stuffed with pepperoni and pizza mozzarella.

Canadian P'Zone®

Classic dough stuffed with pepperoni, bacon crumble, mushrooms and pizza mozzarella.

Meat Lover's P'Zone®

Classic dough stuffed with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mild sausage, beef topping, ham and pizza mozzarella.


The Ultimate HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Cookie

8 slices. Freshly baked. Served warm and gooey. Try it today!

Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers®

Freshly baked dessert sticks topped with white chocolate and HERSHEY'S® milk chocolate, served with rich chocolate dipping sauce.


The perfect pull-apart treat to share. Baked fresh with cinnamon and brown sugar and drizzled with warm icing.